All I hear, from all directions outside of my apartment is cheering…. I can’t hear anything else… When the screaming near me subsides on occasion, you can still hear cheering in the distance…. That’s pretty cool…

I don’t really think that much of football, but it is nice to hear so many happy people, even if it is somewhat artificial… :)

Update: Now the fireworks and airhorns have begun….

3 thoughts on “Wow

  1. yea it was a pretty neat game actually. the rams and the patriots were tied in the last quarter until the last 1 second, when the patriots got a field goal. it was pretty nifty. =)

    1. I can’t even describe how nifty it is living here…. People are STILL going crazy…. I just took some pictures of people going insane, mooning people, and shit, but it was too dark..

  2. Woot!

    I’m not generally a football fan, but I remember watching the Pats lose it big in ’86 (or 86?) against the Bears. I’m so excited that they managed to win.

    Trust me though, you ain’t seen nothin’ if the Sox manage to win the series one of these years :)

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