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Man, I have written a ton tonight… Recently I decided to give Twin Peaks a second chance… Probably inspired by the release of the first season on DVD. Anyway, I TiVoed Fire Walk With Me and watched that, and I rented the first 4 episodes… I just finished the first episode, and I think my opinion of the series has changed… I am a big fan of David Lynch, but this series left a dank taste in my mouth after viewing it, something that hadn’t been washed away until the release of Mulholland Drive. But watching it now, many years after the last time I watched the show, I find it more palatable… Until I finish some more shows I won’t form an opinion, but the reaction I had all those years ago to the series seems to have diminished… I wonder if I see something new now, or if it is simply all the changes in my personality since then… Ah well… I am going to watch the second episode and then go to bed…

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  1. Twin Peaks was perhaps some of the finest television ever made. Realize that Fire Walk With Me was a terrible movie that did no justice to the series. Also, Fire Walk With Me should absolutely NOT be viewed prior to watching the series.

    Twin Peaks rocks.

    1. I disagree 100-fold. FWWM is a wonderful movie, and I always liked it significantly better than the series. Beyond that, I believe that watching the series after seeing the film is equally rewarding; While you would think you were blowing the movies load, it gives you a really interesting perspective, and allows you to really focus on the interactions between characters, and what their motives are.

      Now, I also disagree that TP is some of the finest tv made; While I definately find it more palatable this time around, it still has its flaws.. Much of the dialog is very heavy handed, and some of the characters are VERY weak. It was an interesting experiment, and it made for some good TV, but it was also very flawed, esp. the second season.

  2. Series 1 one DVD was how I spent my vacation… I’d seen a few episodes (at a peaking) but had never really been able to make it stick. This time around, though, it was so much easier to like them… tons of little nuances and things… not to mention the DVD is pretty sexy. We just left the menu looping for a long time because the background music was hot.

    Oh- if you don’t want the whole surprise spoiled for you- (and you get the DVD) -do not- watch the special features on the last DVD. There’s a spoiler on there that was unnanounced… it lets you know who killed Laura Palmer (err… I think anyway- it at least spills some beans that are barely hinted at in the first series…)

    1. As I said, not only have I watched the series before, but I have watched Fire Walk With Me before, which is the prequel to the series, explaining how LP died and who killed her.. :)

  3. twin peaks rules. i didn’t understand it when i was younger, but being able to watch it all again helps me appreciate it.

    i too dig fire walk with me, i don’t really see why anyone has such a hissy over it?

    bob rules.

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