Baby steps…

I have taken up walking as a gateway to getting in shape… I know walking alone won’t get me there, but I am walking as a primer, to get remotely in shape to begin other forms of exercise. While I do alot of walking every day, this weekend I really started walking with a purpose. I walk at a decent clip, as anyone who has ever walked around town with me can attest to, but for these purposes I have been walking faster than my normal walking speed, but not enough to look like one of those power-walking douchebags.

Yesterday I walked down to the Star Market on Tappan St. and did some light shopping, then walked up Washington St., to Comm Ave, and along that back to my apartment. Today I walked back to Chestnut Hill Ave, down Winship, onto Cambridge St. to Harvard Ave, walked down that to Comm. Ave, and again I travelled home. While at the time these seemed like fairly benign “starter walks”, I am glad I really had no idea how far I was going. Looking at a map a few minutes ago, and using a cut piece of twist-tie to bend around the silly-ass curvy streets here, I measured that yesterday’s walk was a hair shy of 5 miles, and today’s walk clocked in around 9 miles. Somehow I probably would have been intimidated somehow if I knew exactly how long those trips were… :)

Now the trick will be to fit this into my weekday schedule… Something tells me I will be doing some late-night walking… :)

One thought on “Baby steps…

  1. hehe

    …one of those power-walking douchebags.

    You really look so stupid when you walk that way
    You really look so dumb when you walk that way
    Why don’t you try to run?
    I’m truly sorry if it hurts your knees
    Why you just fucking run?
    So sorry if it hurts your knees
    Why don’t you just…ride a bike?

    –“Powerwalker,” Archers of Loaf

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