Much more than you’ll ever know

I guess it is probably time to force myself to go to bed now… Work should be interesting tomorrow, as I will most likely begin coding for the first time in awhile. Design is definately a requirement, and I fully appreciate it’s need in serious software development…. but while the design phase is occuring I really do feel impotent.

I spent today listening to music, cleaning up, watching tv, and even hanging out with Adam and Helen for awhile. They came over this afternoon and we headed out for lunch, going to some rotisserie place that was ok, but nothing terribly special. We came back and watched Drop Dead Gorgeous which the two of them hadn’t yet seen (and they enjoyed). Adam made some oatmeal lace cookies which were yummy, and they headed out of here after a few episodes of Good Eats.

I also spent some time getting Verizon to straighten out my bill, but I only accomplished half of that effort. This month I was being charged double for my DSL, which I straightened out fairly quickly. The random CPE charge from last month’s bill is still a mystery, so I will try and “stay on hold” tomorrow to find out what the fuck is going on with that.

Oh well, I guess that is all for now. Adam, Rory, and I are going to have to devote next weekend to finding an apartment, which will be oh-so-much fun.. At least I got to stay put for about a year, but I am really not looking forward to moving again.. Oh well, it could be fun living with people again, and it will definately be fun being able to save money for a change (as my rent will be cut in half… at least).

In reflection, I think I had more fun this time around in Rochester than I did in September. I think I have realized that I need to better balance the time spent with my peeps with the time spent with the people on-floor. For Welcome Back, I really tried to spend a ton of time on floor to hang with the freshman, which I enjoyed, but I also think that without most of the people that were there when I was living on floor, the place has to be different. This isn’t a bad thing, but it also makes me feel out of place to a certain extent. I just wish I had more time to see people who I missed…

One thought on “Much more than you’ll ever know

  1. hm

    ya it was good seeing you for 20 seconds, i guess.

    it’s also good to hear that you too are getting fucked by verizon dsl. i quit their trial in september, and i was still getting billed by them through december. fucking morons.

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