I made Toffee Butter Bars tonight, and for the first time they didn’t stick to the pan! I think I must do something differently from my mother, because using the same ingredients I get a much wetter dough… After reviewing her making them over Xmas, I realized that the resultant batter I get was FAR too wet, so I added some more flour to dry it out a bit. Unfortunately, I went a bit overboard, and you can taste a bit of flour in the cookies… Not enough to ruin them, but enough to bother me. :) I think I know the sweet spot for next time, though, and since they are so easy to make, I will try again soon.

A few days ago I tried making Kolacs (the recipe is Hungarian, which I think is different from Jewish Kolacs) from my Grandma’s recipe… I decided to half the recipe, and somewhere along the line I screwed it up. The written recipe is a little hard to follow, but unfortunately I missed the opportunity to learn from the master (although in all honesty, for the last few years of her life she probably would have had a challenge making it herself….) Anyway, the halved recipe took up the entirety of my largest mixing bowl. I want to try the recipe again, but I am going to wait until I can make the whole recipe (and perhaps until I have a planetary-axis mixer with locking bowl).

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