Magnum P.I., MTV, A-Team, Love Boat!

I thought Arthritis was for old people? Perhaps I am old now? Hmmm…

This weekend was tons of fun… Amy arrived Friday night (before I got home from work, which musta sucked for her since she had to wait for me for awhile), and we soon fetched dinner at Moogy’s (their wonderful peanut-butter chip & banana pancakes!), and afterwards we went to go see Amelie, which she seemed to enjoy. Saturday we woke up and headed out to Harvard Square to find some food and check out some vintage/thrift stores… She found a really cute sweater and she bought a ton of clothes at The Garment District from their “Dollar a Pound” section. We ended up going to The Good Life in Central for dinner, which was great, I will definately be going back there. After dinner we walked to the Cheesecake Factory and got some slices to go for dessert and we went home (and ate the cheesecake once we got there). We watched some TV and listened to music, and ended up going to bed much later than reasonable.

Sunday we shopped some more and headed over to Adam & Rory’s last night for dinner (Adam made Pulled Pork from scratch… Yum…) It was definately a fun weekend, although I think I could have used some more sleep this morning… Amy left just before I left for work, and here I am… My joints all hurt, and I am really not that interested in being at work today, but whatever….

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