5 thoughts on “Make it last all night

    1. Hehehhe…. Good find, although I have to say that when I hear “American Girl” I can picture the scene in my head, but when I heard this song it took awhile to remember where in the movie it came from…

        1. A friend and I saw it in the theater before I graduated from RIT… I liked it, but not as much as Silence of the Lambs… I have the DVD for Hannibal, so I have seen it a few times now. I think it was a fair treatment of the book (which I had read before seeing the movie), and I understand why they changed the ending, but deep down inside of me I wish they had kept the books ending. :)

          1. i’ve seen Silence of the Lambs.. a lot.. whenever it’s on i’m glued to it.. i like hannibal too.. very gory.. something my mom won’t watch, it was great. i never the books for either of them

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