Kiss your baby bye, bye, bye

My cold has all but subsided, but my sinuses are in this almost need to sneeze thing that has kinda rendered me a bit dizzy… That’s ok, I don’t need a clear head to work… (Oh, right, I forgot, sarcasm died, didn’t it…shit.)


3 thoughts on “Kiss your baby bye, bye, bye

  1. I was trying to figure out today, and maybe you can help me figure it out: What exactly is it about a head cold that makes one feel kind of cloudy and dumb? I mean, does a swollen sinus pinch brain matter? Physiologically, what’s the connection between clear-headedness (which is in the brain) and a cold (which is in the sinuses)?

    1. Is it physiological, or does it have to do with the important life-functions that a cold effects. Take the cold: Your sinuses are hosed, so your senses of taste and smell are sub-par. Your eyes are itchy, so after awhile your sense of sight is a nuisance, and even sometimes your hearing is affected. Toss in a headache, and there is a whole lot of sensory distraction going on.

      I am not sure if this is even in the ballpark, but it could be in my case. Perhaps the dizzy/fogginess could have something to do with the inner ear being affected by the cold as well…

      Interesting question, though.

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