came over for a visit this morning… While he was here my dad played Battlefield Earth (doesn’t deserve an IMDB link)…. Man, that movie is a steaming pile of shit… We chatted for awhile then he had to go, but honestly I wasn’t in that talkative of a mood this morning, so I probably bored him (sorry, jon)..

Went over one of Johnny’s friends house tonight to play Risk, Chuck and Melissa were also there… I didn’t win, but I lasted for awhile… I did average, I guess… Afterwards, Chuck, Melissa, and I met Amy and James at a diner… I just got back… I miss my crew back here in NJ… Perhaps I should come back sometime soon…

I am going to read some of my current book and then go to bed… (Actually, the Code Breakers book has preempted my other book, Survivor, but I figure I will go back to Survivor after I finish the crypto book… ;)

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  1. There has been a small amount of Axis & Allies being played up on floor. I never knew how superior that game is to Risk until I started playing it.

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