Movies and learnin’

I watched JFK over the past two nights… The DVD contains the director’s cut, which expanded the already long (189 minutes) film to 206 minutes. When I first saw this film within a few years of it’s release, I took serious issue with it. Perhaps by virtue of the director’s cut of the film, or perhaps by viewing the film through a different set of eyes than I had 10 years ago, I have to say that I think this is a great film. A bit misguided in its theory? Of course… While I am definately not convinced of the government’s single gun theory, I believe that some of Garrison’s theories have some serious holes… Regardless, over the past few years my opinion of Oliver Stone’s work has been changing, and a director which at one time I thoroughly disliked I have found myself begining to appreciate.

Tonight I think I may work on the XPConnect tutorial I have been talking about for the past week or so. Over the past week or two I have worked with the technology, and feel that the lack of documentation for it is a major obstacle in its path to understanding. While XPConnect looks rather intimidating, it really isn’t that bad, and I think that by writing this tutorial I can help aid the situation. I am sure that given XPConnect’s dire documentation situation Mozilla will welcome my contribution. :)

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