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My ram works and all is well in the world…. :)

I got tired of not having any disk space so I bought a power supply and set up my old machine on my dresser for the time being until I get a case for it. My new machine doesn’t have any SCSI controllers since I am kinda giving up on SCSI for the desktop/workstation, but that left me without any way to use the 18 GB U2W drive that I used with the old motherboard…. So now I am in the process of setting up a FreeBSD file server doing SMB and NFS… I borrowed a linksys DSL “router” that we aren’t using anymore at work (yeah, they are shitty, but it is functional enough), and after some configuration hassles I finally have the machine booting and on the network.

Now to configure Samba…

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  1. SCSI was a good ride while it lasted, but good riddance. I’ve got a closet full of SCSI cables. Seems like everything I bought over the years (external enclosures, scanners, zip, jaz) had different connector types, and building chains meant endless figuring out how to get all the connectors right. And the cables were expensive. And you had to have the device plugged in before booting. And, and …. farewell SCSI, I won’t miss you a bit.

    Love being able to cart around USB and 1394 drives from machine to machine and having them just plug in and go.

    1. Love being able to cart around USB and 1394 drives from machine to machine and having them just plug in and go.

      I don’t have any 1394 devices yet, but my USB MP3 Player/Hard Disk has served me like a champ… For those oh-so-many months before my DSL came through, it was virtually the only way for me to get large files (download them at work and cart them home)…

      I will probably replace this MP3 player wiht a larger-capacity device supporting firewire in the near future… That new archos unit that plays back MPEG-4 video as well as MP3’s and the works looks sweet…

      The Ipod is nice, but the drive is way to small… Is it even supported under Windows yet?

      1. Hey, that Archos unit does look pretty cool.

        5GB is too small for general file use, but it’s pretty fine for MP3s. The only reason I don’t get one is because I’m always either at work or at home, and the bike ride to work is only 15 minutes. Hard to justify a portable MP3 player. I won’t be surprised to see larger capacities in the future. Have heard rumors of Windows support coming for it and I know the Linux crowd has already gotten it working.

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