I failed yet again to install FreeBSD 4.4 on my old machine…. When 4.4 was released I tried to do it and failed, and I repeated the action again tonight. The problem is that when I boot off the ISO the boot hangs after loading the plip driver (which I don’t even need)… I guess I could look around for other people who had this problem, but I don’t know if I want to bother anymore… I have an installation of an earlier version that works, and it is fairly secure IMHO… I will probably just leave it until I have some more patience and a case for the machine. :)

The earliest post I made to Usenet was made on 13 Jun 1994 to… All of those posts make me look like an idiot… Especially the ones to… I take no responsibility for my feeblish tendencies in my youth…

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