Jesus was a carpenter previous to his career as a prophet

Last night was a long night, and I don’t quite understand why I woke up at 9:30, but whatever… I probably won’t stay up so late tonight, which is a good thing…. I have to go to work a bit late tomorrow, I am receiving a package worth $50 that the sender decided was worthy of “Signature Required in Person” status, which is totally frustrating, because there is never anyone here during the day. I can understand if the package was worth a few hundred dollars, but $50?!?!

I went to the hardware store today to score a few mouse traps and also get the equipment necessary to fix my recliner once and for all… During my original move here, the chair got banged around and one of the rivets snapped… I had tried many hackish methods of trying to fix it, but today I had to take the entire recline-arm assembly out and replace the snapped rivet with a bolt (I tried a pop-rivet, but it didn’t work quite right). In the process, I found another rivet that was in pretty rough shape, so I replaced that while I was at it too… It is all pretty solid now, but it is still a pretty crappy chair. :) I got to be a carpenter for the day though, which was fun. :)

Today I rented SSX Tricky and a few days ago I rented Wave Race: Blue Storm… Wave Race sucks total donkey nuts… It simply isn’t fun whatsoever… SSX is fun, but I suck just as badly at it on the GameCube as I did playing it on the PS2 over Adam’s… I have it until Thursday, though, so I will keep playing it and maybe I will get better..

I feel better today, my throat isn’t completely irritated and my headache has gone away. Hopefully after another good night’s sleep I will feel in the range of 100%. I talked to for awhile tonight, which was cool, but she had to finish some shopping and get back to studying, so we didn’t get to talk much…. Seems to be the usual these days, but that’s OK, cuz I know how important this test is to her… I just hope her life will return to normal after the test and we can talk a bit more regularly again….

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