I broke a major life rule tonight….

…. I inserted foam in my ears to block sound at a concert…. I must be getting old… :)

I popped down to the Middle East to check out Aereogramme, a band I had heard a bit from thru Jon Whitney… When he played me a bit of their CD a few weeks ago, I thought it was cool, so I figured I would check them out tonight… I wasn’t disappointed at all… I have found myself listening to alot of rock lately, so this fit in nicely with all that… I even bought a CD from them…

The smoke in the club exacerbated my throat, so I am feeling a bit shitty right now… I think I am gonna have a slice of pie and watch a bit of TV before going to bed…

One thought on “I broke a major life rule tonight….

  1. Foam is what you put in your ears to *prevent* the early onset of feeling old… because when your hearing starts to be affected, you’ll feel permanently old.

    I still have ringing in my ears from last summer’s motorcycle trip, and it’s looking now like it might be permanent. And I always wear ear protection on the motorcycle – I just had a weird interaction between fairing and helmet that caused turbulence howling for two weeks straight.

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