I realized I had never commented on the concert I attended on Monday… In short, it was tons of fun… The band was intense and was dead on.. Adam and Rory really enjoyed the show as well (Rory said it was the best show he had attended to date). They played most of their debut album, a few cover tunes (such as Mott the Hoople’s “Violence” and Roxy Music’s “In Every Dream Home A Heartache“).

The band was totally intense live, everything was dead-on and the band was very tight. Even the guy on the sound boards did a good job (which seems to be rare these days). The opening band, Syrup, wasn’t too bad (although they weren’t great either). Their formula was pretty predictable after awhile, but I really think they don’t really take themselves seriously and were just screwing around… :)

In other news: I am flying home for the holidays tonight! Should be fun… Hopefully I won’t die. :)

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