I am making Toffee Butter Bars, cookies that my mom always made for me… I don’t know if they are her recipe, but they rule.. Hopefully I won’t screw them up.. :)

Last night I hung out with Jon Whitney and we watched Fantastic Planet, which was pretty bizarre… :) Afterwards, we headed over to a party at Keith Whitman’s (a.k.a. Hrvatski), which was fun… I knew that Keith lived in the area, and I have thought highly of the songs of his that I have heard (especially the kid606 remix he did at the end of “Down with the Scene”), but I had yet to run into him… He seems like a good guy, gave me one of his CD’s that I hadn’t heard yet.. I don’t know if I could deal with having that large of a party in my house though… There were SO many people there…

I might try and get a GameCube tomorrow… I wonder if I will have any luck finding one…

2 thoughts on “Yummy

  1. Whoa, I forgot about that movie. Isn’t a czech animation? Think I saw it back in college, probablyy stoned out of my gourd. I remember it being quite amazing though. I should try and find that again. In fact I wouldn’t mind having that on DVD.

    1. Well, the original soundtrack was french… IMDB seems to list it as a Czech/French film, so I don’t know which one is true.. :) But yes, it is very wacked out.. And available on DVD.. :)

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