You drive me crazy with that boogie… boogie… boogie

Our QA database has a problem, and today the symptoms have been more severe… We are fairly certain that Oracle 8.1.7 is the culprit, as our machines running 8.1.6 are good as pudding… Fortunately, our production machines are running 8.1.6, and fortunately I don’t have to be bothered with that sysadmin nonsense… :)

Adam and Frances came over for dinner and to watch some TV last night, but Adam was kinda tired so he left before 9pm. Frances and I just chatted for a few hours and then she went back to the apartment to gather a few things and move the majority of her stuff back to her parents house… The rest will be taken care of today and she will no longer be around in the area, which kinda sucks.. “The gang” is now down another person, which sucks, and I know that Adam and Rory will miss having her cats around the apartment.. I guess I will miss the cats too, since they are so damn spastic…

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