Stupid Cable Guy…

They said he would be here between 8 and 10am, which gives him another 22 minutes to get his ass here…

I thought this was funny, and figured some of you would as well… :)

6 thoughts on “Stupid Cable Guy…

    1. I would be better off with Jim Carrey

      Ok, the cable guy checked out my situation. He threw a meter on the line and it showed the signal strength being much higher than it is suppose to be. He says, “I’m gonna schedule a line tech to fix this problem”. Yea thanks a lot. Layers 2 and up don’t work so well when layer 1 is having issues.

      1. Re: I would be better off with Jim Carrey

        that is odd. in my old apartment in syracuse, my modem fried one day… a tech came in to check the signal, and he said that it was too strong, so he put another attenuator on the line. then, when i moved to my house (which is in a different area), the guy that came here to hook me up said the signal was way strong here too. i just think this is strange b/c i hear a lot of people complain about weak signal.

        1. Re: I would be better off with Jim Carrey

          Yea this tech threw an attenuator on the line and it doubled my tranfer rate to the test download site. But I’m still getting a 7 – 10 percent packet loss. I can’t wait for the line tech to come next week and REALLY fix the problem.

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