Stayed at work until around 10pm last night working with Adam… Rory had stopped by under the assumption that we all were going to play Counter-Strike for a little while, which he did, but Adam and I were engrossed in work, and we never actually put it down. At 10, we went to a Halloween Party at Mario (co-worker’s) house, which was really cool. I found out at lunch yesterday that it was supposed to be a costume party, so I went thinking I would be Mr. Party Pooper, but it turns out that only 1/10th of the people there were actually in costume. It was alot of fun, however, and I met many of Mario’s friends outside of work (most of which speak spanish as a primary language, which I am used to after working at Rovia).

Adam and I might go into work a bit today to try and finish off our project ahead of schedule

Amy just called me (woke me up, actually) to let me know about a song she heard on the radio, and we talked for a minute, then we sorta got cut off (I couldn’t hear her, she could hear me) and after a minute of silence on my end, an asian lady appeared in the middle of our conversation and said “POKEMON X” and that’s it…. We both heard it (I found out afterwards, since I couldn’t hear Amy), but then we got disconnected.. It was especially frightening…

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