Wiki seems pretty cool

The BeNews team has been talking over some ideas to revitalize our site and our interest in working on it… We have been talking of employing Wiki to create a dynamic BeOS news site that is edited and written by everyone in the community (not just us editors). The idea would be that since everyone can edit anyone elses post, or add to it, the system would self moderate: Sure some nefarious script kiddies could blow away data, but equally the productive members of the community could also blow away the nonsense the losers post…. I think the key thing we have to keep in mind, however, is that while we may start this site with the intention that it becomes a BeOS Wiki, it is the readership that will have the true power to steer this in the way they desire… If the readership decides that they want to talk about other things all of the sudden, they will..

I don’t forsee this new project bearing the BeNews moniker, but I believe that many of the principles in BeNews will be behind it..

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