Wings, OSes, and the Mob

Adam, Rory, Frances, and Matt came over for awhile and we had some wings from Wing-It before we started watching The Godfather II. One of Adam’s friends called and invited us all out to a bar for a few drinks, but I didn’t feel like going. They all went, and are coming back later to finish the movie (which we only got 11 minutes into)… About 3 minutes after they left I was on the toilet emptying my bowels (too much information, sure, but it’s my journal, so piss off), so it was probably a good choice to stay. :)

I am downloading the iso for FreeBSD 4.4, since I am currently running 4.2 and since I plan on using this machine as a fileserver once I get my new machine in a few weeks, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to prepare…

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