Ok…. Perhaps I am behind the ball, or perhaps just dumb, but I am very let down. For years, I have been operating under the assumption that “i18n” was some acronym (of course I was never interested to further investigate), but it turns out that it really just a lame shortening of “internationalization” (“i”, 18 other letters, “n”)…. How lame… Of course, following the same thinking, l10n is a lame shortening of “localization”….

3 thoughts on “Bogus

  1. indeed

    Well up until last year, I thought that it was il8n (with an L) and that it was somehow phonetically supposed to be an abbreviation of i-lation: Eye-l(eight)-en. I thought it was cool until I found out that the reality it was much dumber (as hard as that is to believe).

  2. Let’s change our language

    Maybe we could change our entire language


    M3e we c3d c4e o1r e4e l6e

    I wonder if this would possibly be readable somehow, by a computer for example.


    Oliver aka BizKiffer

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