Coding on a holiday… Does that make me lame?

I visited phyber this weekend on a fairly spur-of-the-moment trip… I could go on for hours about how much the bus sucks, but I simply don’t feel like it anymore… The short version is that I don’t plan on taking the bus anymore.. Anyway, I had alot of fun seeing her, seeing her new acquisition, and playing with her cats. We also were able to make it up to see my aunt and uncle, who live right close to her, which was cool as well. My uncle is in the military, so all these recent happenings make me quite nervous. I got to see her work as well as go to one our favorite barbecue places in the world.

Tonight I made some jello, and while doing so, I had an epiphany about some code that has been chapping my ass at work. So I fired up the SVPN client, connected to the machines there, and started hacking… problem solved, which rules, because this bug would have been a showstopper for the XUL UI. One of the nice things about our UI being in XUL now is that I can take the production installer for the reader, replace the preferences file with one of my own design, copy a few other files over, and voila, development environment. Of course, as soon as I do more work on replacing our JavaScript with C++ using XPConnect, the world will get much more complicated… But with the weather only getting colder, I should probably have a full development environment going here for snow days…

Time to go watch some Good Eats on the TiVo.

4 thoughts on “Coding on a holiday… Does that make me lame?

    1. I love when I am doing something completely unrelated, like showering, cooking, or laundry… For some reason epiphanies are far funnier when they come at times like these…

      Of course, all of the examples above pale in comparison to my absolute favorite, which is waking up in the middle of the night and having a total Eureka! moment.

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