It’s about time….

I finally finished reading Cryptonomicon a few seconds ago…. I started reading the book towards the end of last summer (i.e. 2000), tearing through the first few hundred pages before having my leisure reading interrupted by class at RIT. I didn’t read much until Christmas break, where I tackled a few hundred more pages (roughly bringing me to 2/3rds completion)… I tried to pick it back up again before I moved to Boston, to no avail… I picked it up again over the past few weeks, finally completeing the task tonight. And I am very satisfied, having spent a considerable amount of time attacking this monster (900+ pages)…

Probably the worst part of taking so long to finish this book was the way it delayed my reading of other books… I was find a book I wished to read, and I would say to myself “…but I need to finish this book first…”. I have enjoyed what I have read of Stephenson so far, and his other books are in my queue. Next up is Choke, by Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club

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