Shafted by the MBTA again…

The bus I had hoped to get on this morning came 5 minutes early, so I had to wait 35 minutes for the next bus, which sucked a lot… While I was waiting there was this bitter old man complaining about how the bus was 5 minutes early…. In fact, he was complaining the WHOLE time. Then he started talking about how we should just go and kill the people who “caused all the trouble” in NYC/DC, and how in China if this happened they would have been shot without a trial.

He then went on to talk about how the Israelis and Palestinians should just live in peace… How we only get to live once, and they shouldn’t be tying up themselves killing each other. For some reason I took amusement in the cavernous hole in this person’s logic, but unfortunately I couldn’t get him to stop talking and let me read my book… He then started up about the bus being early again… At this moment, another angry guy started up on the bus as well, and they both started riffing on how it was the worst bus line in the U.S.A….

The bus finally came and I finally got the opportunity to read my book some more, and then when I got to Harvard Square, the red line train was delayed as well… I am not in the best of moods starting today. :)

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