Watch out for the bad code

I actually got to work at a reasonable time this morning (i.e. around 9:30a) and that included getting to the post office to get a few packages in the mail. I really like the post office near work, nice and clean, and the people were moderately nice too (which is what I expect from anyone who has to face customers..)

I actually brought lunch into work today, a tradition I am hoping to continue to do. This is in part an aspect of my money saving strategy, and part an aspect of my “getting my gut under control” strategy. Why am I trying to save money? Well, first of all, my computer at home is pissing me off more each day, and I would like to replace it in November (which would make my current machine 3 years old). Second, it is just plainly a good idea, no? Why am I trying to lose weight? Because I saw a picture of myself from early in my freshman year at RIT, and I want to get back to that much more moderate level of out-of-shape.. I have been losing weight slowly (very slowly) since I got out of school, but I want to expedite that a bit, just because. So I have been trying to get outside for exercise a bit more, and also have been trying to eat a bit wiser…

I am pretty tired today….. Hopefully lunch will give me a good kick in the pants…. If not I will go take a walk around Kendall and find my way around.

2 thoughts on “Watch out for the bad code

  1. I’m also a member of the “tech industry causes slowly swelling inner tube” syndrome, but am happy to say I’m getting it under control. Just running 2-4 times a week for 20-30 minutes is all it takes. Feel so much better, and it has a surprisingly positive effect on the whole upper body, not just legs — abs and pecs are slowly coming back to nice form. Which in turn provides continuing incentive.

    – Not a fitness nut, but happy with recent results…

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