I have always been very afraid to give blood…. I always knew it was something I should do, but I always had amazing difficulty with the notion. Today’s events caused me to want to finally get past these fears once and for all… Unfortunately, however, it looks as if I am going to have to wait a few days… The local blood bank told me that they are running way beyond capacity (in terms of not having enough personnel/resources…. they still desparately need blood). So I am going to keep watching the news and checking up with them, and I am going to bite the bullet and donate blood…

I tried to give blood long ago, but I freaked the hell out when they put the needle in my arm and I saw my blood entering the bag, I demanded that they stop and fainted soon after they did… It’s strange, I don’t like needles, but I am not really afraid of them. And I have seen copious amounts of blood before (at accidents, etc), but I really think it is the fact that the bag is filling with MY blood that has always been the problem for me.

Time to get past that childish fear… Too bad it took a national tragedy to convince me to do so….

2 thoughts on “Fears

  1. i hate needles too

    i had 2 allergy shots bi-monthy as a child for a 2 year period. the trama from that induced my fear of needles. i can’t even watch a needle on tv. however, i did exactly what you plan on doing, giving blood. sadly i had a piercing recently and have to wait six months before i can donate again.

    it is similar to acrophobic sky divers. i think it is ok to be afraid, but not ok if you let that fear stop you.

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