Catching up

This weekend Adam, Rory, Matt, and I headed out to Rochester for the CSH Welcome Back party (a sort of yearly mini-reunion to welcome the members back and introduce the freshman to everyone… Typically many alumni try and make it up for this party). We showed up late friday night (after stopping at Nick’s for a garbage plate) and I didn’t get to bed until 5ish. Saturday I gave two seminars, one on drink (with Bill Kuker), and one on XUL (which adam led), and both seemed to be well received.

The party was alot of fun, it was great being back at CSH, and seeing my friends again… The trip home last night wasn’t that bad… I drove the most on the way out, so I didn’t drive at all on the way home. My mp3 player was a champ throughout the trip, it is so much easier than futzing with cd’s or tapes.

I have today off, since we thought we would come back from Rochester today, but Rory had class and classwork due today, so we had to comeback yesterday… I guess I could have gone into work today, but I figured I would use this to my advantage. :) I have been playing with Robocode this morning, making some robots and whatnot… Looks to be a cool project, and I will enjoy seeing exactly how complicated I can make these tanks… I have some seriously cool ideas, hopefully nothing will get in my way (I don’t know what restrictions are in place for bots, if any).

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