And with a slow tick it ceased

Today started out very rough for me, which pretty much put a damper on the whole day… I decided to try and alleviate via sleep and distraction. I picked up Hannibal and a replacement for the copy of Blue Velvet that disappeared a few months ago… Watched Hannibal with Adam, Rory, and Frances, and Matt eventually joined in halfway through the film…

I drew for the first time in ages today…. I have had many images in my head, some that stand alone, others are associated with the few aborted stories I have started in the past few years.. I have been itching to get them down before I forget them, but before I can do that I need to suck less at drawing… I did some figure sketching tonight, but they turned into morose, depressing form…. Part of it is probably a function of my shitty artistic capability, but I have been staring at them trying to figure them out… Are they simply random lines, or is there something more… I don’t know… Perhaps I will cruise by the art store tomorrow and get a sketch pad and some pencils, etc.

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