Back in Boston

Stellafane was wonderful this year… As some of you may know, I go with my father and a few friends to a amateur telescope convention in the woods of Vermont. The past few years have brought us miserable rainy (and obviously, cloudy) weather, but we finally received a break this year. While there were a few small showers early on Friday, overall the weekend was rain free. While the skies weren’t as clear as stargazers hope for, we did a bit of eyeball observing on Friday night, even if it was pretty cloudy yesterday.

I am home now, cleaned up (we camp at the convention, so a few days sans showers makes Sean stink), and getting the errands that were displaced this weekend done as quickly as I can. I will probably go shopping in a little while, and for a treat to myself I took my laundry to the laundramat and left it for them to deal with. It is a bit more expensive than doing it myself, and I probably won’t do it every week, but since I am pressed for “errand time” this weekend I thought it would be a neat experiment.

I talked to Adam a bit earlier and he mentioned that Dez is in town, so he suggested that we might all go to the movies or something later… I think I might be up for that, unless the movie sounds shitty… :)

This weekend inspired me to get in touch with the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston and perhaps attend a meeting or two of theirs… I am starting to get the astronomy bug a bit stronger again, so perhaps I will get a bit more serious about it. :)

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