I fixed alivejournal again, it turns out that while my last fix helped most everyone, there were a few people left out in the woods because I made a stupid mistake when I linked the binary…. Oh well….

I talked to Verizon today about DSL, and they said that they had no record of my order at all, and they aren’t sure why I got that mail. They said they were fairly confident that my line is fine for DSL, and they are sending me an install kit. My activation date is supposedly the 23rd, but of course a whole world of issues could arise between now and then…. :)

Adam pointed out that someone could have just spoofed that mail from Verizon shooting me down for DSL… I would be truly disappointed if this was true, and beyond that, the headers looked authentic (going through both Bell Atlantic and GTE hosts)… Regardless, if someone here was just messing with me, you definately got me. :)

Amy is visiting this weekend, which should definately be a fun time. I am not quite sure how we are going to keep busy (perhaps we will just sit around and BS), but we always manage to figure out a way to pass the time. :)

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