cowardice households turn to torture the waking time is low

The Rovia picnic was fun today… I even fixed a few bugs before I left work for the picnic, which made today productive and non-productive… Came back home around 5-6pm and took a nap. Went over Adam/Rory/Francis’ for a little soiree but I was feeling a little green so I came back.

The past few days I have found myself getting back into some old-school “industrial” music I hadn’t really let see the light of late. I think Einsturzende Neubaten or Throbbing Gristle might be a little bit much to go to bed with, so I popped in the Blackbox set… Perhaps I will just hang out and listen to music tomorrow…

I just noticed that my copies of “Armed Audio Warfare” and “Storm the Studio” are missing… I think they might have gotten swiped in Rochester though, cuz I don’t remember having them for quite some time… Perhaps I will try and replace them tomorrow (but I think they might be getting hard to find…)

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