Got an ISP

Thanks to the people of the b0st0n community, I now have a decent dial-up ISP here in boston to replace the shitty free one I was using ( Dialup sucks, but it isn’t so bad when your provider doesn’t blow chunks. :)

It is 10am, and I am still home. You may ask to yourself: “Why isn’t Sean at work?”. Well, the truth is that I can’t put off laundry any longer, so I am taking care of the mountain and going into work a bit later to wrap up loose ends for our code freeze tonight. Being I was at work for 13 hours yesterday, I imagine it will not be a problem. I have about another 30 minutes left on the dry cycle before I go back to the laundromat to pick my stuff up, fold it, take a shower, and go to Rovia.

What else is new? Not much, I guess…. I pretty much buttoned up my big feature for the next release yesterday, so I have been picking up little things to help out the other 4 developers where I can. I went to bed around midnight yesterday and had the best night’s sleep I have had in a long time. The kind of sleep where you wake up, without an alarm, fully rested, but decided to stay in bed and just relax until your alarm goes off… Today I am Fort Knox.

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