Dad is cool…

My dad visited this weekend, which is way cool… We headed down to the Boston Museum of Science yesterday to check out some of the exhibits and “Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure” in their Omnimax theater. It was a pretty good show, and theater seemed pretty well-equipped. We made it to the trains just before the big lightining storm, and we only had to walk from the train stop to my apartment in the downpour. During that short walk, however, there was a lightining strike literally a few hundred feet away from us, and we heard residual arcing and whatnot, pretty wild.

This morning we woke up early (well, actually, he woke up his usual time, 6am, and I woke up at 8:30am. ;) and headed out to see the U.S.S. Constitution, which was an amazing site. I have been here for two months now, and I am only starting to have time to realize the historical significance of the area that i am in. I mean, New Jersey was very important to the revolution as well, but this area is teeming with historical sites. To think that Paul Revere had stood where I did today, it’s a real mind job.

He left a little while ago, and I have just been cleaning around here… My dad brought up a small vacuum for me to use around here (thanks grandma), so I finally feel like the floors are clean (even after a good sweeping they never felt right). My dad also gave me my “black glass diploma”, which is basically a repllica of my paper diploma etched into beveled black glass. It looks hyper-sexy, but I have to figure out a way to light it so the letters glow.. *eg*

To do laundry or not to do laundry, that is the question….

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