the workers are going home….

…I just wish I was… :) Actually, I am going to see A.I. at 7pm tonight over at the swank Fenway theater. I employed one of my discount tickets I got here through work (so I only had to pay $5.50 vs. $9), which is totally rad. I had to order more, however, since I am beginning to run out. I don’t have high confidence in this film, but it has garnered rave reviews, so who knows… Hopefully that scrawny little kid has developed some acting ability now that he is a little older…

One thought on “the workers are going home….

  1. this movie better fucking be good. with as many good reviews as its getting. however, the nickname for it i’ve heard is ‘Pinnochio 2001’. i think it might pull in the same crowd as Titanic, but who knows. don’t forget to post the typical grahams review so i know what to expect.

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