making time in a low-rent high rise

no place to go…. downtown…

One year in public view. One year delivering noise about my life to my friends, family, and more. One year of figuring out how to use this here LiveJournal. One year ago today I created this journal, and since then I have made 459 entries into it. One year ago today I started spreading the LiveJournal word, and many of my friends signed up. One year ago today, I was sobbing in my Capstone apartment.

One year A.L.J., I am better, happier. I don’t think that this state is a result of LiveJournal, but what do I know. Perhaps LJ was the life-altering thing that changed me forever. Perhaps altering life was the thing that changed my LJ forever… I have learned that LJ is the way for me to vent, for me to get some of this noise out of my head, and for me to simply babble at the people I think are cool.

One thing I do know: Every neo-Tom Hanks movie is about bleeding underwater and pissing.

One other thing I do know. Tomorrow is jerronimo‘s one-year anniversary. He has 3 times as many journal entries as I do. Of course most of those are lists of music, one line pastes from some chat room, and posts consisting of one word and an emoticons. :P

5 thoughts on “making time in a low-rent high rise

  1. everyone uses livejournal for what they want to use it for. :]

    it works for me in the extent that i’m using it, and i imagine that it works for you in the extent that you’re using it… otherwise you would have stopped… no?


    1. I wasn’t making fun of you, or anything…. I just think that some of your posts are….. silly… :) [which i am also guilty of]. and I also think that your posts are copious…

      nothing is wrong with silly or copious, i was just stating an observation. :)

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