Goths + Torrential Rain = Lots of Runny Mascara

Ok, This show last night was at ManRay. This club shares nights between Industrial, Gay, and Goth nights, but it is pretty Goth themed overall. Last night was typically Industrial night, but since there was a show, it didn’t really matter; all kinds of groups came out for it. The sound in this club sucks nuts. I wouldn’t go back there for a show unless it was a huge deal.

The opening band, Hate Department, was terrible. I mean beyond terrible. Remember that crap band Orgy? Worse than them (but apparently took all of their fashion/stage antics straight from the Orgy fashion catalog).

Ohgr hit the stage, and I was really disappointed for the first 3 songs or so. The mix was terrible, and his mic was turned way down, while guys doing backup vocals were turned up. Finally, they got the mix better and Ogre became audible. While I still regret having never seen Skinny Puppy live, seeing Ogre and Cevin Key on stage together still had a bit of magic in it. I was pleased that they didn’t play any Skinny Puppy songs, sticking to songs from the new album, and for an encore they did a song of Cevin Key’s solo album, which didn’t sound as bad as Key’s other solo work. :) It was worth my money, and I had a good time (once the club stopped sucking).

Before the show I met up with Jon Whitney for a burger in Harvard Square. We went to this place called Mr. Bartley’s (which used to be Mr. and Mrs., but we couldn’t get all the details on the name change). The burger was amazing, quite possibly the best hamburger I have ever consumed. Next time you visit me, let me know if you want to fly by there. While we were eating, there was flood-style rains, so we flew back to Jon’s house to shut his windows and unplug his computer. Jon drove, and it was a lot of fun tooling around in this storm… It was funny to think of how this show would have occurred without power, but that scenario never came to pass. :)

I am behind a bit here at work, but whatever, right? I will catch up…

2 thoughts on “Goths + Torrential Rain = Lots of Runny Mascara

  1. He played waterstreet week before last. I didn’t have the cash (friggin’ bills) and am not that much of a skinny puppy anyways, so I sucked and stayed home. Chris Connelly was at the Bug Jar of all places last week on Thursday, but I had work and didn’t want to make my ride late for the show. It also looks like I’m going to have to opt for family responsibilities and miss out on Juno Reactor at waterstreet next week. Suck.

    1. Chris Connelly is freaking amazing. He actually came to RIT and played in the SAU my freshman year. I talked to him for quite awhile, and he is a very, very nice guy.

      One interesting memory from the show was that RIT, in its infinite wisdom, advertised the show as “Chris Connelly: The Brains Behind Ministry”. So, of course, a bunch of industrial/metal kiddies showed up…. The look on their faces when Chris came out completely alone with an acoustic guitar and played his solo work, which is mostly folky… I knew what I was getting into, but I think most of the audience didn’t. :)

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