I am a bad person….

…because I spent money yesterday. I purchased something…. frivolous…..

I could not help it though…. The thought of carrying my favorite arcade game around in my pocket was too tempting….

Seriously, it is an awesome little gizmo… The Namco Museum cartridge has Ms. Pac-Man, Dig-Dug, Pole Position, Galaxian, and Galaga, and all of them seem dead-on-balls accurate to the originals. I also picked up Super Mario Advance, which has Super Mario 2 and the original Mario Bros. on it. But the Advance lets you play the old Mario Bros. game with 3 other people… And the super cool thing is that you only need one copy of the game to play, it uploads the ROM to the other players over the link cable…. So far I am happy, although the lack of a back lit screen can be a bit of a nuisance at times, but it is one of those pseudo-new-fangled reflective LCDs, which only require a bit of light to give you good color…

5 thoughts on “I am a bad person….

  1. Rock on! although, i admit… i’m a consumer. I’ve wanted a GBA since i first saw info about them… then again, i’ve wanted a GB for years now…

    How well does it play old gameboy games?

    1. How well does it play old gameboy games?

      I don’t have any to try with, so I can’t give you a personal testomonial, but I have read alot about it…

      First of all, the GBA cartridges are about half the height of the GB ones, so the GB carts will stick out of the top of the GBA unit by about an inch. No big deal, but some people have bitched about it… Whatever.. :)

      Second, Since the size and aspect ration of the GBA screen is different, you will either get a letterboxed version of the old-school GB game (letterboxed on both sides, providing the same # of pixels as the original, but giving you a small image), or you can stretch it to fill the screen, but that might make some games look funky..

      Third, The manual for the GBA states that some very old GB games might not work in the GBA… I have no idea what does work and what doesn’t in that realm…

      But the overall response I have heard from people playing GB games is that they function pretty well, and it supports the added color and whatnot on some of the later games, and it also has the “bogus color” where you map a palette onto the B&W games…

      I am looking forward to playing old GB tetris, which is by far the best rendition of the game to date…

      Of course, I am also looking forward to 4 player super dodge ball… :)

        1. Well, that version of tetris and super mario world for the original GB, are really the only games that matter… :]

          True… Although Adam and Matt are raving about the new GBA castlevania….

  2. are they area locked though?

    they come out like next week here or something, and i wanna get one, but if they’re area locked, forget it.

    hopefully the EU will put a stop to all this damn area locking shit with their DVD investigation.

    the real question is how long before plagueOS runs on it? (although i have to admit i do kind of like SuSE, the underlying OS is still shit though)


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