Blow me.

Some motherless bastard broke into my apartment while was at work today. The stupid fuck took 42/88 of my DVDs, and nothing else. And to make matters worse, they were selective about which discs they took. Now I am pissed.

5 thoughts on “Blow me.

  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear it. We were broken into about 18 months ago and it sucked for a long time afterwards. Lost my then new BeOS laptop, VCRs, cameras bikes, lots of big ticket items. Worse than replacing it all was the feeling that we were being watched – this all happened in 20 minutes while we grocery shopped in the middle of the day, leading us to think that someone was just waiting for us to to leave the house and do a surgical strike.

    You have the right attitude — it’s just stuff, no matter how much you like it. Still, it’s an ugly feeling. Really sorry to hear it.

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