Wow. I just got my NJ license converted into a MA license in less than 30 minutes. Walk in, get into the queue (and the paper with my number on it also tells me an estimated wait time). Wait 18 minutes (exactly the amount of time printed on the paper), go up front, give them my NJ license, show them my phone bill, take a quick vision test, get my picture taken, sign on the dotted line, and voila! I now have a Temporary Massachusetts Drivers License (with the permanent one coming in the mail), and I am also registered to vote in this area now.

Every DMV should take a lesson from this one, the place was busy, but they were handling it well.

4 thoughts on “Amazing!

  1. Ha! This weekend when I went to get my license renewed it too ohh umm all of an hour I’m guessing. That includes filling out a piece of paper that already had my information on it, waiting for 55 mintues, taking my picture (half a second) and then some more waiting until it was ready. I hate NJ.

  2. DMV

    Massachesetts RULES! The DMV has always been good when I have gone in there too. I think it is all the old ladies obsessed with keeping the place running smoothly. At the least the one near me anyways.

  3. DMV?

    DMV? What the hell is a DMV? I swear, is Pennsylvania the only state that doesn’t have one of these? We get our licenses renewed at the state police station and our cars inspected at an auto garage. I have never used a DMV. Odd.

  4. Mass RMV

    It hasn’t always been so wonderful. When I moved to Boston 2 years ago and got my license converted it took almost 2hours. It was in a really sorry state. Then they hired some chick from Walmart or something that knew about customer service and it got a whole lot better.

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