Some unpublicized LJ features

A few people on my friends list have been using these new features, but I don’t think that many people know about them… There are a few LJ specific HTML tags that have been quietly introduced into the system:

  • <lj user=”username”> is a shortcut that gives you a little userinfo icon that links to the specified user and a link to the users journal, like this: grahams
  • <lj-cut> allows you to hide part of your journal behind a “Read More” link. The tag, and all text following it will be replaced by a “Read More” link… Clicking on the link will reveal the hidden text.
  • lj://user/username is a quick URL that gets rewritten on the server to
  • And of course, there are the semi new-fangled poll tags.

Just figured some of y’all might like to know that… By the way, it does piss me off that these standalone tags don’t conform to the XML standard, but I can’t do anything about it.. :)

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