It’s a Small, Weird World

Well, how’s this for 6 degrees? It turns out that our Oracle consultant here at work also happens to train miniature seeing-eye horses in addition to his DBA career. A bunch of us were talking about this the last time soco visited Rochester, but I find it amazingly weird that I now work with the guy who was doing this completely bizarre work. :)

They have finished training their first horse, and are delivering him to his new owner soon. They are coming to Boston to throw a graduation party for the horse. My verbal skills have been rendered completely bewildered by this whole thing…. Wow…

7 thoughts on “It’s a Small, Weird World

  1. Seeing what? :)

    Can you possibly enlighten me as to what ” train miniature seeing-eye horses” means?

    Training horses would make sense. Miniature horses would make sense. Seeing horses too. But the connected items makes me wonder :)

    1. Re: Seeing what? :)

      They are trained as guides for the blind or vision impaired. I don’t know if this is a international thing, but here in the states we have “Seeing Eye Dogs”, which are dogs trained to lead their blind owners around, helping them find their way and also keeping them from danger.

      This is the exact same thing, but with minature horses, which is new and… bizarre…

      1. Re: Seeing what? :)

        Very cool. We have these dogs too but I have never ever seen a horse-for-the-blind, which is probably something it would be called in germany. Interesting. :)

        1. Re: Seeing what? :)

          Well, this party is for the FIRST horse that has graduated from the program, so I guess not many people have seen a horse-for-the-blind. :)

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