Hot Dogs!

There are many benefits from working across the street from Fenway Park, and one of them is having your office directly above the Best Sausage Company.

3 thoughts on “Hot Dogs!

    1. Hehehe…. It is bad enough walking from Yawkey (where my building is, obviously) to the Kenmore ‘T’ stop on game days. I feel like a salmon, swimming upstream.

      1. Were you in town for the Marathon? The game lets out at the same time the first runners come through the square…with BU’s new construction site reducing the sidewalk by half, no one was going anywhere… and it was a Yankee game, so you had all the disgruntaled New York fans (who lost) argueing with anyone who would listen, and all the Boston fans yelling ‘yankees suck’… what a fun time getting through there was.

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