Not yet, but soon

Just checked with Verizon, and I can’t get DSL yet, but my area is scheduled to be upgraded sometime in June or July, so I will be able to get it soon. :) I guess I will have to get a dialup ISP for the time being. I am going to see if the cable guy knows anything about Cable Modems in my area when he comes by to install my cable today.

I have to leave work early today, since the cable guy is coming, and afterwards James will be arriving later today, he is going to be here for the weekend, and on Monday we are going to the Middle East to see Autechre play (with Matmos opening)… Should be fun!

3 thoughts on “Not yet, but soon

  1. Keep on there backs

    Telcos are notorious for saying, “the service will be available soon.” and then never delivering. The funny thing is that if the CO has the equipment, to do DSL, then the only thing stopping you from getting services is the crap, loading coils .., the phone company has been throwing on the line for twenty years to stretch analog service.

    1. Re: Keep on there backs

      I am very familiar with the technical and political issues regarding DSL.. :) And I know how braindead simple the actual wire-thingy parts of the system are… But I do know that according to co-workers, Verizon has been reasonably accurate with their estimates..

    2. wow, i’m impressed.

      loading coils. =)

      i mentioned this to a couple people the other day and they all looked at me like i had 2 heads.

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