I’m going back to boston, to boston, to boston

Around 2pm today I am going to leave for yet another trip to Boston, this time searching for an apartment. I tried to call some of these places yesterday, but all of them were closed for “Patriot’s Day”, which is a holiday that is only celebrated in New England, apparently (I don’t care, I will get it off next year. :P). So I have to make some calls today and set up some appointments tomorrow to look at places. I found a few that I am interested in, but I have to see if they are available now and if they are truly as cool as they looked in phosphor.

I am charging up my MP3 player’s batteries for the trip, and doing some laundry so I don’t have to be a dirtball while I am crashing at Adam and Rory’s. :)

3 thoughts on “I’m going back to boston, to boston, to boston

    1. My past few months have been a little like this:

      graduate the end of february, leave Rochester, NY for home in New Jersey

      Chill home for a month, drive to Boston for a few days for a job interview, then go back to Jersey

      Get offered the job, and take it, drive out to boston to look for apartments, then go home.

      Drive out to boston to complete deal on apartment, move some stuff in, drive back to Jersey (which is today, Friday)

      Tomorrow, drive back to boston again, and stay there for awhile. :)

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