My Parents gave me an Archos Jukebox 6000 Portable MP3 Player! It is a 6GB MP3 Player and USB Hard Disk. Unlike many portable MP3 players, you can copy onto and off of this device without limitations. It seems to work great, and the installation was a cinch (jack in the USB cable, show it the drivers, and voila: new drive letter). Another cool thing about it is that you don’t have to use special software to put MP3s on it. It shows up as another drive on your system and you just use Explorer like you would any other drive. It took me about 3 minutes to copy over an album or so of music, so it is fairly fast given it is a USB device…. So far I like it more than the other similar devices I have seen: Namely the Personal Jukebox or Creative’s Nomad Jukebox. The PJB is awesome, has a huge screen, but it expensive, and the Nomad just seems thrown together (just ask soco :). Neither of those devices suck, but I think that the Archos unit is definately the best bang for your buck.


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  1. Nice. I have to say that I like it. And the price ($350) seems to be ok really. This thing is smaller than my handspring visor (a little thicker but still). Very cool. I have to say … get’s me thinking.

    A few questions.

    – Does it work with BeOS? :)
    – Does it work with FreeBSD/Unix?

    Those are just the two OSes on the desktop where the MP3s are sooo…. Currently they are all in the BeOS partition but I might change that.

    And emm… how unbreakable is it? I mean can it fall down and survive? How will it play if you shake it?

    Sounds mighty interesting. Hmmm… I thought about getting a new harddisk, but if I can just get a harddisk with a player. …

    How is the sound? Can you use the harddisk to play the MP3s at your computer?

    Looking forward to your answers :)


    1. It is about twice as thick as my Visor (with the lid off), but it is about the same dimensions otherwise…

      It is a standard USB hard disk AFAIK, but I don’t believe it works under anything other than MacOS or Windows YET.

      It uses a laptop hard disk, which detect falls and auto-park, so it is fairly sturdy. The overall construction seems sturdy as well.

      It sounds great through a decent set of headphones (the ones that it comes with suck).

      Since it just appears as another hard drive to your computer, you can play back the MP3’s right off the unit when it is connected.

      I think that answers all your questions. :)

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