What’s new? First of all, Black & White is by far one of the most beautiful, well produced, fun, revolutionary games I have ever played. It definately deserved all the hype it garnered.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was a good movie, don’t get me wrong, but it is incredibly overrated. I was reluctant to go see it because it was sold as a fighting/kung-fu film. But then many, many, people convinced me that it was poorly advertised and it wasn’t truly a kung-fu movie. Well, those people are simply wrong. It is impossible to truly call this movie anything other than a kung-fu movie. But that doesn’t make it bad, it just isn’t my cup of tea. The fencing/sword scenes were exquisite, some of the best I have ever seen. But, as I suspected, the wire work was as lame as I presumed. It completely breaks the suspension of disbelief, simply because it doesn’t look natural in any form. If humans were able to fly around, I can’t imagine we would do it by flailing our legs back and forth… But whatever…

Crouching Tiger was a fighting movie… Perhaps it was a fighting movie with great acting and direction, and perhaps it was a fighting movie with a slightly larger plot framework than other fighting films (although I don’t think the plot was that strong, but it is still a fighting movie. And again, that doesn’t make it bad… It was a good film, and one of the best movies of the genre I have seen, but it just pisses me off that people tried to sell me on the movie by convincing me it wasn’t a fighting movie.

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