Greeting from BeOS. Ever since I came home I have been without network access on my personal PC, instead using my father’s machine (and its cable modem) when I needed to “get out”. A few people know that I have had a free shell account with a certain ISP from back when I worked at Sears. One of the reps of the ISP came in asking me to push their service, and in return I would get free PPP access. I said yes (even though it was probably against story policy), and they hooked me up with a free account.

Now, that was 6 years ago. :) They never took the account away, and so I have been using that account when I don’t want my real email address to get into the hands of spam harvesters. I had kinda forgotten that I had PPP access, and had assumed that they disabled my PPP access long ago. When I got home, I started thinking about it, and remembered that the PPP accounts for this ISP were seperate from the shell accounts, with different usernames and passwords. But I couldn’t remember my PPP password, and I wasn’t about to call their support asking to have it reset, so I just wrote it off.

I got an email from my father today…. I had apparently given him my username/password at some point when he was having trouble with the ISP he was using, and I figured he might want an alternative. My dad still had a copy of my password, so now I am dialed in.. Not that big of a deal, but it is useful in some respects, most importantly of all, I can sync to the Perforce repository at CSH again, which means I can start working on some of the projects again.

I am gonna go jump in the shower now… :)

One thought on “Wonderful

  1. Woot! Congrats, dude!

    I used to use PSI (i think) for free dialup at home on the island. The call was just outside of my calling area, so we still had to pay for the calls, but i’d always call late at night when rates were cheaper.

    Regardless, it was cheaper than calling RIT directly. hehe.

    Then they stopped offering the free accounts, and i stopped living down there, so it all worked out.

    for quite a few years here in rochester, i didn’t even have a modem set up on my machine, so it was truly isolated from the net… that was nice too, but then again, i was a lot less dependant on the net then than i am now.

    then we got a cable modem, and it’s all gone downhill from there.


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