Playing catch-up

The past few days have been very lazy for me… I have spent the most time working on the job hunt…

Thanks to my sister, I watched the premiere of The Sopranos at Casey’s (her boyfriend) house. The two episodes were way-cool tonight (especially due to the widescreen)…. the only cheeze factor was the lame CG they used to graft Livia’s head onto that body-double’s body. And it was pretty obvious that they were using canned lines from the prior two seasons… But that was short-lived, and given the bind they were in, they did a pretty good job of closing the Livia chapter. I am really looking forward to this season, it looks like it is going to be a good one. :) My sister and I are going to try and get HBO in the house before next Sunday, but I am pretty sure if all else fails that Casey would have me over again. :)

It is snowing pretty well here, and I am gonna shave and then finish a movie I started a little while ago now. Afterwards, a nice long slumber… :)

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