Yesterday and beyond

Since I never really mentioned what kept me busy yesterday, here goes nothing:

I took care of all the donation stuff, and headed to Fuddruckers for lunch with Chuck. Afterwards, I came back to the house to chill for awhile, and then went out to Café Soundz in Montclair to pick up some CDs. While I was there I picked up a new pair of boots and the latest Autechre EP (Peel Sessions 2). Bobby (who owns the shop) gave me a great deal on both the boots ($40) and the disc ($10).

James and I then went to the ultra-trendy Café Metro in Denville for dinner. Seems like a really nice place, and the Grilled Chicken with Peanut Sauce I had was really good. It is difficult to get a peanut sauce done right, it usually ends up too salty or too sweet, and they did a good job, so I might end up back there again.

We then came back to my house to watch my copy of Time Bandits on DVD and afterwards I went to bed.

Today I went to the mall with Chuck, had some Chicken Teriaki, and came back and chilled for awhile. Tonight will probably (hopefully?) be a quiet night for me.

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    1. Re: hey there

      Bobby rules. He’s a complete freak, but it’s his character that makes Cafe Sounds awesome… I really miss that shop since I left NJ… I try to hit it up every time I visit my parents.

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